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As a facilitator of healing offering Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and different forms of healing with energy, I hold a therapeutic space that is unique to your individual requirements in order to encourage self-empowerment, inner balance and peace and, ultimately, your ability to heal yourself.
All of my therapies are available long-distance/online (via telephone and Zoom) and in-person. Any of these therapies can be used on their own or in any combination - please ask for details regarding tailor-made packages for your greatest benefit with my services.
You can read more about each of my services below. If you already know which service you would like to book without needing to read more about it, you can do so by clicking the corresponding "Book Now" button.
For in-person sessions: I practice out of multiple locations, all of which require advance notice for booking; the location where your session will be taking place will depend on which locations are available on the time and day you request. I will let you know where the appointment will be taking place at the time of confirmed booking. You will be notified should location need to be changed for any reason.
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More Information About My Services

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Any prices quoted or advertised on this website are for consultations only and do not include costs of services that require travel to your home*/local area or for any dispensed or recommended medicines.

Any dispensed medicine(s) will be discussed and quoted separately based on your individual case following a consultation. You can expect to be prescribed/recommended up to 4 weeks of medicine(s) after your initial consultation. 


Depending on the ingredients used to make your medicine(s), you can expect 1 week of herbal tincture to cost from approximately £6. Herbal teas, powders and topical treatments will be priced individually. Packing/postal costs are additional if you require your medicine to be posted out to you.

Services requiring travel to your home* or local area are at practitioner discretion and based on client circumstance - costs will be discussed and quoted separately. Contact me if you have any inquiries regarding the use of travel-based services.

*Please note that this service is currently available for female clients only.

Homemade Remedies

Natural Medicine Therapies

Girl Eating an Apple
Naturopathy is a philosophy that believes that the body is intelligent and will always try to heal itself - when we provide the space here for full page.
Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine is my diploma specialisation, and I have been trained in three approaches of Herbal Medicine which I use in here for full page.
Herbal Medicine

Energy Therapies

In this method of healing, I channel energy into you and become a conduit between you and the Universal Life Force. This creates a ...     click here for full page.
"Hot Hands" Energy Healing
Energy Healing is a flexible, holistic form of energy-based therapy that deals with issues in the body, emotions and mind. The process can here for full page.
Reiki Treatment
Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing is a form of healing that deals with ailments of the spirit that filter down to affect the body, mood and thoughts...      click here for full page.

Free Service

QuickCall Session
This service is a FREE short call of up to 10 minutes, during which time we have a relaxed conversation to determine ...
click here for full page.
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