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5% Off Your Next Appointment When You Refer A Friend or Someone New

Valid on confirmed attendance of referred person to an initial consultation or first appointment before expiration date of offer and if you are named as the person who referred them. Referred person cannot be an existing client.
Not valid for appointments at Neal's Yard Remedies (Graduate Clinic) or for initial consultations or first appointments for any of the services offered (Naturopathy Initial Consultation, Herbal Medicine Initial Consultation, and first appointments for Reiki, Energy Healing or Shamanic Healing).
Not more than one validated offer allowed per appointment; if you have more than one validated offer then the extras may be retained and used for subsequent follow-up appointments. Individual validated offers may only be used once.
Offers cannot be validated beyond expiration date but offers validated before expiration date may be used for consultations/appointments scheduled to take place after expiration date of this offer (as long as they are not initial consultations or first appointments).
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