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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect In An Initial Consultation?

Natural Medicine Therapies (Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine)


When you arrive, before the session begins you will be given a standard intake form to fill out. 

During the appointment, a full case history will be taken during which you will be asked a lot of questions to create as complete a picture of you as possible. A case history will involve questions regarding details about your primary concerns, diet, lifestyle, medical history, family history, and body system checks. 


Physical examination, much like one you would receive from a GP, would be performed including diagnostic techniques such as iridology analysis, pulse-taking and tongue analysis. An internal examination will never be performed.

Because Herbal Medicine is one of the tools of a Naturopathic therapeutic approach, some herbal medicine may be recommended alongside any other diet, lifestyle and therapeutic advice in a Naturopathy session, and likewise you may be recommended diet and lifestyle advice alongside any herbs and herbal preparations prescribed in a Herbal Medicine session.

Energy Therapies (Reiki, Hands-On Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing)

A session will have 3 parts to it: 

  1. A brief initial consultation where you will be asked a few questions about your primary concerns. 

  2. The energetic therapy.

  3. A brief end-of-session discussion.

The purpose of the initial consultation section is to determine where you want the focus of the session to be. Sometimes you may know exactly what you want to deal with, at other times you may want to do more generalised work like a "tune-up", or you may not know what you want to do and just "see what comes up".

When it is time to receive the energetic therapy, you will lie down (or sit if you are unable to lie down for long periods of time). I will then "scan" your Chakra points energetically using hands-off and hands-on methods (as required) for impressions about what your healing requires and channel energy as necessary.


When the therapy has concluded, there will be a brief discussion regarding your experiences, my findings (including any other than your primary concerns), and about any necessary post-care options so that you can get the best support out of your experience.


What Can I Expect In A Follow-up Consultation?

Natural Medicine Therapies (Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine)

A follow-up consultation will be much shorter than the initial consultation because all of the case history information will have been taken during the first appointment. The follow-up appointment will review the concerns from the initial consultation, monitor progress, and adjust the therapeutic plan accordingly. 

A typical follow-up period happens approximately 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation but the time between appointments can vary according to the therapeutic plan and any medicines recommended.

Energy Therapies (Reiki, Hands-On Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing)

A follow-up session will be much like the initial consultation. If we are continuing to work on an issue that you came to see me for initially then we will review your progress and if anything else has come up. If there is a new or different issue you wish to deal with that is unrelated to the issues from the initial session then we will treat the session as a new initial session and work accordingly.

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