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Terms and Conditions



The ethical code of the Association of Master Herbalists (AMH) does not allow its members to prescribe without having had a consultation with the client in person*. Thereafter it is possible, for long distance clients, to arrange telephone/online consultations or repeat prescriptions as the herbalist deems therapeutically and professionally appropriate.

*Due to COVID-19 and Lockdown restrictions, this policy has been altered by AMH to accommodate social distancing requirements and regulations.

It is now possible to have initial consultations online for all of my services, and all online sessions will operate until further notice.



In some cases, dependant on your symptoms, you may be referred to your GP for further tests and/or monitoring of your condition while receiving therapies from me.  Any known drug/herb/nutrient interactions will be sought and  your doctor’s advice may be requested where such interactions are possible.  This is to ensure nutritional advice given and any current medication can work together to produce the best possible results to enhance your health.  Natural Medicine is not an alternative to medical advice in serious illness and you are encouraged to discuss your condition and natural treatment plan with your GP.

Should it be determined that therapy with me is no longer necessary or you may require specialised treatment that I am unable to provide, the option of referral to another suitable natural medicine practitioner will be discussed in consultation and you will be referred accordingly.



I will endeavour to provide advice that may help resolve your health concerns. Advice is specific to you (the client) and should not be applied to others, even those with similar symptoms. The advice provided is followed at your discretion and no guarantees as to improved health can be made. I will make every effort to ensure any herbal remedy and supplementation suggested will enhance your health and well-being; however, you retain the responsibility for taking any natural medicine product or otherwise.


Any prescriptions forwarded for filling out by other herbal dispensaries will only be done so when necessary (and with all due diligence taken beforehand), and those dispensers are liable for correct dispensing and data protection practices. Your prescriptions will not be forwarded to other dispensaries without your prior consent, and all care will be taken to keep your personal information protected. You are free to obtain your herbs and natural supplements at your own risk from dispensers/dispensaries other than myself (or suppliers recommended by me).

Whilst every care is taken to provide you with the highest level of care and security, natural medicine (as any medicines, including pharmaceutical) can sometimes have unexpected reactions which differ from person to person. Therefore if you have ANY concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact me - the situation is often resolvable after discussion of your responses.



You are required to pay a deposit (by BACS) at the time of a confirmed booking:

- £20 for appointments up to 1 hour

- £40 for appointments up to 2 hours

- £60 for appointments up to 3 hours 

Balance of payment is to be made by cash or card at the time of the appointment. 

Where prescriptions and goods made by me are ordered out with consultations, payment should be made by cash, card or BACS to me within 7 days of the order date.  A dispensing fee for each herbal prescription may apply. Prescriptions may be collected by arrangement or posted to you based on your preference. Postal orders are charged according to weight and packaging used (insulated to minimize potential damage).

Payment for laboratory tests is normally made directly to the laboratory, on return of the completed test kit. However, on some occasions, direct payment to Gillian Robartes will be required when ordering the test. You will be advised of the payment method suited to your test.


For cancellations or to change/reschedule your appointment, you are required to contact me a minimum of 48 hours in advance to avoid losing your deposit. Circumstances of emergency where less than 48 hours is given will be discussed and resolved at my discretion.

If you do not show for your appointment or if you do not notify of changes of circumstance before the time specified then your deposit is non-refundable. Deposits for appointments where cancellations are made before the minimum advance notice are refundable.

Please make all appointment changes or cancellations by telephone to ensure the message is received. Email is not checked every day and texts can go astray. If necessary, please leave a clearly spoken voice message on the voicemail with your full name, best contact number and the appointment you want to change/cancel and I will call you back to confirm that I received your message. Until confirmation has been given, please do not assume the message has been received.


Gillian Robartes and HealCraft Therapies retain copyright since 2018 of all written material provided and all rights reserved.

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