Energy channelling for self-healing

In this method of healing, I channel energy into you and become a conduit between you and the Universal Life Force. This creates a space which assists in activating and channelling your own self-healing potential from the Universal Life Force. This works to cleanse, realign, and balance the flow of energy between your body's energetic focal points (Chakras) to create a sense of relaxation and restoration to every part of your physical and emotional well-being.

This technique can also be focused on specific parts of the body that require extra attention. Best suited for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Distance Reiki

Distance energy channelling for self-healing

I am able to perform Reiki healing over long distances. This type of session is suitable if you are not able to come to me because of illness or if you live far away from where my practice is based. The session will be conducted in the same way that a session in person would be performed, except for the following differences below:

What will be required for the session:
  • A recent photo of you (it does not have to be a good one, it can be a quick selfie) so that I can focus and make the connection energetically.

  • Ensure that you will be lying down and not be disturbed for approximately 2 hours (including phone calls, notifications, answering the door, etc.) to allow for the session and post-session rest. I will call you towards the end of the session for necessary discussion and to draw the session to a close.

  • Banking details and the amount owed will be sent to you upon appointment confirmation. Please ensure that you have paid BEFORE the session begins.


  • An energy session may leave you feeling sleepy and relaxed so it is not recommended to operate vehicles and dangerous machinery right after a session.

  • Drink lots of water after the session to keep the flow of energies going and to flush out anything that your body no longer needs due to healing changes the energy has created.

All Sessions
(In-Person and Online/Long Distance)

Payment Method

Cash and/or BACs

Booking Deposit



Booking Deposit


Credit/Debit Card

Booking Deposit


30 Minutes (Online only)



60 Minutes (In-Person and Online)











A booking deposit will be taken to confirm your session, with the balance to be paid at the end of the session. The method of payment chosen for the booking deposit may differ from the method of payment for the balance. Please ensure that you are able to pay for your session.

"Oh wow my first ever experience of energy healing. Just fantastic I feel a massive weight off my shoulders after yesterday.


Gillian is lovely, listens and takes on what you tell her. Well informed. I learnt so much about myself or what I’d buried beneath the surface. It truly helped me. She did a free flow of Reiki, energy healing and shamanic treatment throughout as I wanted to experience it all and felt I needed it.


Let yourself go and truly experience the treatments it feels wonderful. I’d recommend Gillian in a heart beat. Thank you I will be back"


Free-flow Reiki, Energy Healing and Shamanic Healing session

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