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Herbal Medicine

The use of plants and specific natural botanicals and preparations derived from plants to restore balance and vitality

Herbal Medicine is my natural medicine specialisation, and I have been trained in three approaches of Herbal Medicine which I use in combination in my consultations: Western Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Each approach holds different diagnostic and therapeutic principles and techniques. This allows me to recognise various symptoms, patterns and changes in your constitution. I can then choose which herbs would be most suited to you to support and strengthen your body and mood to their optimal states.

As a facilitator of healing I hold a therapeutic space that is unique to your individual requirements in order to encourage self-empowerment, inner balance, peace and, ultimately, your ability to heal yourself.

Herbal Medicine

Initial Consultation

(up to 60 minutes)

Follow-up Consultation

(up to 45 minutes)

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