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Initial Consultation

(up to 90 minutes)


A system of healthcare which encourages and promotes the body's natural self-healing mechanisms using an eclectic approach

Naturopathy is a philosophy that believes that the body is intelligent and will always try to heal itself - when we provide the space and tools for it to heal then it will. This practice also works on the principle that the whole person (including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels) is treated since everything is connected, not illnesses or body systems in isolation.


All forms of alternative, natural, and complementary therapies fall under the branches of Naturopathy as tools that can be used together, as necessary, to create an individualised therapeutic plan. In a consultation this is what I seek to provide.

Apart from Herbal Medicine (which is my specialisation and just one tool of Naturopathy), I have been trained in other healing modalities such as Nutrition, Bach Flower Remedies, Basic Homeopathy and Tissue Salts. I make use of whichever modalities your individual situation calls for, and can make suitable recommendations for any therapies that I do not offer myself.

As a facilitator of healing I hold a therapeutic space that is unique to your individual requirements in order to encourage self-empowerment, inner balance, peace and, ultimately, your ability to heal yourself.

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Follow-up Consultation

(up to 45 minutes)


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