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Discovery Call Session

Giving free advice about my services

This service is a FREE short call of up to 10 minutes, during which time we have a relaxed conversation to determine what your therapeutic goals are and which of my therapeutic services would be best suited to meeting those needs, all to ensure that you receive the care you are looking for and need.

Once the session is confirmed and booked, you will be given a number to call at the arranged date and time.

This service is ideal if:

  • You have not experienced any of my therapies before and need some advice or more information (and/or have tried one kind of session but are interested in trying a different one).

  • You have a particular condition or situation and want to be sure of which session would be best so that you can book with confidence.

This service is risk-free:

  • You do not pay me for the time. 

  • You are not obligated to book any recommended therapy sessions afterwards.

Please note that this is NOT a general free health advice call line - it is purely for clarity on what you are looking for and information regarding my services.

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** This service is brand new! **

I would love to receive your feedback on how you find this service and what I can do to improve it. Please leave your feedback by clicking the button below.

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