A natural way of supporting yourself holistically 

Take charge of your healing using herbs, natural therapeutic techniques, and energetic principles

My practice is about helping to guide others in creating and following their personal holistic journey to wellness, integrating scientific and traditional methods to address health and healing needs on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). I offer a safe, compassionate and self-empowering space to allow and support the alchemy of inner transmutation and transformation.

All of my services are available both in-person and long-distance (via Zoom), and you can benefit from my therapies individually or as part of a package according to personal needs and preference.

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Available Therapies

🌿 Naturopathy 

🌿 Herbal Medicine

✨ Reiki

✨ Hands-on Energy Healing

✨ Shamanic Healing

Handmade and Handwoven with Love

- Neck Cowls

- Scarves

- Shawls / Wraps

- Blankets

- Cross stitched and handstitched items

And more...

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