A natural way of supporting yourself holistically - body, heart, mind and spirit

Take charge of your healing using herbs, natural therapeutic techniques, energetic principles, or a combination of all

What I can do to help you:

You are unique.


Like your fingerprints with their twists, turns and spirals to make patterns that are like no others, your individual thoughts, feelings and physical experiences all interact to shape your personal patterns of current state of health and well-being. But unlike your fingerprints, your health and well-being can change over time - sometimes for the better and sometimes not. In the latter case, sometimes it is easy to figure out, sometimes it is not so obvious.

Because of your remarkable ability to adapt or compensate according to your experiences and your personal perspectives, it makes sense that your "here I am and how I got here" of health and/or illness may be different to someone else, even if that someone shares similar symptoms. Even further than that, it makes sense that what may work for you may not work for that someone else, and visa versa.

So when you come to see me, I take the whole of you into account: everything that makes you yourself and how you function. My studies have gathered together different health and healing tools from many different disciplines - from purely scientific to energetic - to help you create a process of healing and support that can be tailored to your personal needs.


It will be my honour to guide you through your process and teach you skills on how to support yourself so that you can enjoy your health holistically.

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Shamanic Healing

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