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In order to keep providing you with a pleasant website experience, updates are required from time to time. Updates are currently under way which means that this service is unavailable until further notice.
To enquire about my services or to make a booking, please check out the Neal's Yard Remedies website for more information at or call them on 0131 226 3223.
To enquire about my services being offered at other locations such as Little Egypt Studio, please message me directly here.
Thank you for your patience and I apologise for any inconvenience while these updates take place. I endeavour to have them completed as soon as possible. 
Amazonian Therapeutic Cleanses
If you would like to enquire about the different types of Cleanses that will soon be available, please send me an email by clicking the button below.
Availability will be variable. Please note that some cleanses may be recommended as part of your therapy and will be discussed in a consultation. 
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